Mastercard and the Medical Tourism Association join forces to revolutionize cross-border healthcare payments →
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Embrace the Future of Healthcare with Better by MTA

Our exclusive partnership with Mastercard modernizes the global healthcare experience through a state-of-the-art platform serving as a global ecosystem to bridge medical travelers, qualified facilitators, and accredited healthcare providers. We alleviate anxiety by providing access to trusted providers, robust education, financing options, and unparalleled quality care.
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Creating a Global Ecosystem for Medical Travel

Better by MTA connects medical tourists and expatriates globally with the most trusted leading hospitals, clinics and Doctors.


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Healthcare Providers

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Benefits of Better by MTA

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Better Access

Access more patients and more referral sources.
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Trusted Network

Being part of the most “trusted network” used by expatriates and international patients.
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Conversion Tools

Conversion tool for your business.
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Available to any healthcare consumer anywhere in the world
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Create a seamless integration of medical procedures and travel arrangements.
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Build Trust

Build trust with patients by using transparency, education, and communication.
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Flexible Payment

Implement flexible payment options, providing safety and security for all parties.
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Easy Promotion

Make it simple for providers to promote their business, acquire and follow up with patients, and increase revenue.
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Better BY MTA

Value Proposition

Our comprehensive platform serves as a global ecosystem, bridging medical travelers, qualified facilitators, and accredited providers. For medical travelers, we alleviate anxiety by providing access to trusted providers, robust education, financing options, and unparalleled quality care.

Our state-of-the-art platform also caters to accredited medical providers globally, offering a one-stop-shop for system integration and communication, streamlining patient matching, automating processes, and boosting conversion rates.
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Unique Value

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Our user-friendly platform helps medical travelers who want to receive high quality, affordable medical care from trusted providers by reducing patient anxiety and uncertainty, and offering access to robust education, financing options, and quality care (unlike any other player in the industry).
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Our global community, with limitless patients, helps exclusively accredited facilitators and providers who want to provide high-quality, affordable experiences by attracting and automating patient matching, increasing conversion, and the amount facilitators get paid while reducing the time it takes to complete (unlike services with limited access to patients and providers, fewer payment options, and lower conversion rates).
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Our state-of-the-art platform, built with only highly-accredited medical and wellness providers, and supporting services, helps accredited medical providers globally who want to increase revenue and market share by offering a one-stop shop solution to integrate system and communication, and increasing visibility and outreach leading to profitability gains (unlike other local providers that offer limited services to their customer base).
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What Providers Have to Say:

~ Artirat Charukitpipat, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Bumrungrad International Hospital
"Ensuring that healthcare is accessible to anyone who needs it is essential yet cost often remains a significant barrier. While medical tourists traveling to Thailand can save significantly—anywhere from 25 to 75% on their treatments—the process of handling cross-border payments has traditionally been slow and inefficient for providers. We are proud to collaborate with the Medical Tourism Association and Mastercard, leveraging innovative payment methods like virtual cards, to streamline these transactions. This initiative is key to making quality healthcare more attainable and simplifying payment processes for everyone involved."  
~ Aysha Al Mahri
Deputy CEO, Burjeel Medical City.
“The medical tourism industry is growing worldwide, and with Abu Dhabi quickly becoming a leading destination for treatments abroad, we’re seeking ways to enhance the payment process, making it easier for both patients and providers like us. We are proud to partner with Mastercard and the Medical Tourism Association to make virtual cards for medical tourism payments a reality, improving the overall healthcare experience.” 
~ Johan W. F. de Letter
Europe/US Group Director, Memorial Hospitals Group
“Medical tourism is one of Turkey’s fastest-growing industries, experiencing an annual growth rate of 22.6%2. With more patients abroad seeking our services, we’re thrilled to be one of the first hospitals to receive Mastercard virtual cards for these payments. Shifting from cash to digital payments will unlock efficiencies for our finance teams and bring unmatched payment security.”
~ Dr. Andrew Elkwood
CEO of the Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance (ARSA), and Founder of The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction.
“Medical tourism is a win-win for the entire healthcare ecosystem, but significant challenges persist, especially driven by the lack of payment digitization across the industry. With Mastercard and the Medical Tourism Association coming together to streamline cross-border payments with virtual cards, we will be able to provide quality healthcare to more people who need it – regardless of where they live.”
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